Central Waters Brewing Company



I have been amazed with the quality of beer coming out of Central Waters Brewing from Amherst, Wisconsin. I initially tried their IPA, red ale, pale ale, and stout, and while they were all decent, none really stood out except the stout, Satin Solstice. Recently, I have been diving into their barrel aged and high gravity brews and finding them all to be exceptional.

Their barrel program is top notch, with specialties such as their Brewer’s Reserve Bourbon Stout, Peruvian Morning (coffee stout aged in bourbon barrels), and the Bourbon Barrel Barleywine, which I am sipping right now. They also make an excellent hoppy barleywine known as Kosmyk Charlies Y2K Survival Ale (originally brewed around the year 2000 for their friend Charlie for his Y2K survival kit, and the base beer for the bourbon aged version mentioned previously), a fantastic hoppy and roasty porter (Mudpuppy), and a very nice double IPA (Illumination). They also have two new beers as of this year, Exodus, which is (or was, it sold out quickly) a sour Flanders red aged on wood with cherries, and Sláinte, which is their great new Scottish ale. These guys are experts at extracting a rich, warm vanilla note in all of their bourbon barrel aged beers, and it really leaps out in the bourbon barleywine and bourbon stout. Seek out these brews if they are available in your area. For more info:





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