Saturday Night Tasting. Sadatay!


Saturday night was Sa. da. tay.

An impromptu tasting developed in my basement Saturday night with David, Narth Müeller, and Uncle Steve. We started with Heady Topper, an amazing double IPA from The Alchemist in northern Vermont which I mentioned in the last post. Narth brought a bottle of Avery Eighteen, a dry-hopped rye Saison brewed for Avery’s 18th anniversary which gave us a full bodied, richly flavored Saison experience, with caramelly malt flavors accented with citrus and spice. Rich and decadent for a saison, this bad boy packs a stiff 8.1% ABV but without any ethanol heat.

We then drank a bottle of Peruvian Morning, a coffee stout aged in bourbon barrels from Central Waters in Amherst, Wisconsin. The coffee had already fallen off a bit in the cellar, but there was still enough to accent the rich vanilla tones from the bourbon barrels. This beer is in the same vein as KBS from Founders, but with a lighter texture and a sweeter, more mellow flavor profile. Delicious. We also cracked 2011 Bourbon Barrel Barleywine from Central Waters, and the year of age took most of the hop edge off the beer and left the vanilla and brown sugar notes to meld perfectly with the malt bill. Those three beers are a tough act to follow, but we managed to follow them nicely with B.O.R.I.S The Crusher Oatmeal Imperial Stout from Hoppin’ Frog out of Akron, Ohio. This much lauded imperial stout and winner of two gold medals at the Great American Beer Festival (2009 and 2011) lived up to its reputation with a creamy, velvety soft texture from the oatmeal that was surprisingly mouth filling and flavors of coffee, choclate, cream, and oats that blanketed the palate.

After those four excellent beers, I thought we might just need a little more flavor in our night and I brought out Boogoop, an American barleywine brewed with buckwheat and made by “gypsy” brewer Mikkeller in collaboration with Three Floyds. This unique ale had a very full, creamy, velvety mouthfeel from the ample carbonation. The flavor profile was quite hoppy, with the signature Three Floyds hop profile with citrus, pine and more citrus. The malts had somwhat of a “raw” feel to them, with grainy flavors like that of buckwheat pancakes and Cheerios. This was a fairly hefty beer, and after we split it we were all pretty Boogooped.


Boogoopin' it


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