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You may have heard about several new breweries opening in the Twin Cities lately, and if you haven’t had a chance to try them, here’s a little bit of liquid intel by yours truly: Indeed: Coming strong out the gate with Day Tripper Pale Ale, a very hoppy “west coast pale ale” that has lots of […]

The folks over at Lucette Brewing posted a on their blog about an issue that is arising in the craft beer scene here in the Twin Cities and across the country: I envision a day when you can walk into an establishment and all beer available was produced within 500 miles.  The cynics tell me it’s […]

I never thought I would taste a beer that even matches the venerable hop bomb known as Pliny the Elder from Russian River Brewing Company. But I have. The name is Heady Topper, from The Alchemist Brewery based in Waterbury, Vermont, and hop bliss is the game. This double IPA packs a lupulin punch with […]

I jetted into LaGuardia for a short New York visit last Thursday morning and started making my way over to my friend’s place in Hoboken to kick off his 30th birthday celebration. He informed me earlier that he wouldn’t be available until early afternoon, so I took the opportunity to check out some sights, grab […]

I have been amazed with the quality of beer coming out of Central Waters Brewing from Amherst, Wisconsin. I initially tried their IPA, red ale, pale ale, and stout, and while they were all decent, none really stood out except the stout, Satin Solstice. Recently, I have been diving into their barrel aged and high gravity brews […]